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Check out our stunning table linen collection crafted from pure cotton with Jaipuri hand block print, now available at 50% off in our Summer Sale. Choose from a variety of 4 seater tablecloths, 6 seater tablecloths and table runners.

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We spend a lot of time eating. Most of our day is spent planning what to eat, when to eat and how long it will take to prepare our meals! Even if you don't cook all the meals, you know that cooking, eating, and cleaning up afterward takes time! Whether you care about using fancy dishes or not, it's important to have some table linens to keep things neat, clean, and stylish!

What Is Table Linen?

Table linen is the fabric used to protect your dining table. It doesn't fall off and you can wash it after every meal to keep it clean. Table linens include items like tablecloths, napkins, runners, placemats, and more. Having table linen makes guests feel like you are ready to serve them and adds a touch of luxury to the dining experience at your home.

What Are Table Linens Made Of?

Table Linens can be made from a variety of materials such as plastic, cotton, polyester, linen, satin, jute, or hemp fibers. Choose based on how often you will use them. For daily use, choose linens that can be easily washed. On special occasions, choose luxurious options like silk runners and placemats to impress your guests.

If you're looking to buy table linens for occasional use, it's worth investing in slightly more expensive ones that look luxurious. You don't want your guests to be served on linens that look old and worn out. In such cases, consider getting a beautiful set of silk runners and placemats.

Different Types Of Table Linens

There are various types of table linens to choose from. We recommend purchasing a set that includes all the essentials for your dining table area. A typical set usually includes:

  • A tablecloth
  • A set of placemats (usually 4 or 6 mats)
  • A set of table napkins (usually 4 or 6 napkins)
  • A table runner that matches the length of your table

Table Cloth:

For tablecloths, you can consider options like the Hand block print Cotton 89 X 55 Inch Tablecloth by Plarsh. these cotton table cloth can easily be removed when guests visit, and it's simple to wash.

Table Runner:

When it comes to table runners, you have many options. They help protect your table from heat damage.

Table Linens Offered by PLARSH COMFORT

  • Hand Block Print
  • Jaipuri Design
  • Pure Cotton Fabric
  • Various Floral and Boota Patterns
  • Available for 4 Seater and 6 Seater Tables
  • Canvas Cotton Cloth for Table Runners