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A large and comfortable bed that is both firm and flexible to the touch – what more could one ask for in a bedroom? The bed is the centrepiece of every bedroom, and it deserves a sturdy frame and luxurious bed linen to match. So, when you decorated your bedroom, you bought some sheets for your bed. But they are not as important or beautiful as you would like them to be. Here is a handy tip: buy king-size bedsheets from a leading brand like Plarsh Comfort.

What is a King-Size Bed Sheet?

A king size bedsheet is the largest double bedsheet, also known as a large bedsheet. It is designed for use on large beds, i.e. king size beds and thick mattresses. You can buy this type of bedsheet in both flat and fitted styles.

Dimension of King Size Bed Sheets

King size or large bedsheets are the largest of all bedsheets. These are double bedsheets that are larger than queen bedsheets. King size bedsheets generally measure 241 cm x 274 cm with matching pillow covers measuring 69 cm x 43 cm. Leading brands in bed linen, such as Plarsh Comfort, offer matching pillow covers with large bedsheets.

Make sure to check the dimensions of your bed before buying a king size bedsheet. If your bed is small, you can also get a bigger bedsheet, but it will have to be tucked in a lot. Instead, you can choose a queen size bedsheet for a smaller bed. However, if your mattress is thick, i.e. 6 inches thick or more, you can consider buying a king size bedsheet. Such a bedsheet usually weighs 1 to 1.6 kg.

Bedsheets we offer at Plarsh Comfort

Jaipuri Hand Crafted and Block Print Bedsheets For an elegant and unique touch, consider Jaipuri hand crafted bedsheets with beautiful block print designs. These bedsheets not only add a touch of tradition and art to your bedroom but are also known for their quality and durability. Here are some of our most purchased king size bedsheets:

What is the largest size of a bed sheet? 

 There are only two sizes of double bedsheets available in India: queen and king size. However, there are even larger sizes available, known as the king long size, which is used in the West. This is also known as the 'California King' size and is the largest bedsheet size in the world. It measures 280 cm x 290 cm and is designed for the largest size beds or quite thick mattresses. You can find these large size bedsheets in 5-star hotels that have large four-poster beds.

Double Bed Sheet Thread Count and Its Significance  

 Thread count, an essential metric in bedsheet selection, quantifies the number of threads interwoven within a single square inch of fabric. Although a higher thread count is commonly associated with superior quality, it's crucial to recognize that it isn't the solitary criterion to base your decision upon. Striking a balance between various factors is key.

For optimal comfort, it's recommended to opt for a thread count ranging between 200 to 800. This range ensures an ideal blend of softness, durability, and breathability, offering you the utmost satisfaction in your bedding experience. So, while thread count is a significant consideration, it's prudent to complement it with other crucial aspects to make an informed and gratifying choice for your double bedsheets.