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Thread Count: What Does it Mean for Your Bedsheets?

Planning to buy new sheets for your bedroom? But not sure what to look for while buying quality bed sheets. Searching online has made you more confused than ever as various terms like thread count, percale, and whatnot are coming up. Well, worry not keep reading as you will get the answers to all your doubts.

So, let's delve into what thread count actually means. And its importance.

What does thread count in a bedsheet?

Thread count in a bedsheet is the number of threads of fabric in one square inch. It gives insights into how tightly the sheet is woven. The thread count of any sheet is calculated by adding the number of threads weaved horizontally and vertically in an inch. For instance, a bed sheet of 200 thread count means in an inch 100 threads are weaved horizontally along with 100 vertical threads.

Thread count could be a rough indicator that tells about the quality and the softness your bed sheet would offer. Especially during marketing many of the vendors relate higher thread count to premium quality and softness. All this is true but to a certain extent. There are various other factors that make the bedsheet premium. One such thing is the quality of the threads used in the fabric, which defines the final quality of your bedsheet. So, it is always quality over quantity that works in the case of bed sheet thread count.

What is the best thread count for the bedsheets?

In the case when you are unaware of the quality of the thread, then the best way is to choose a bedsheet with a thread count in the range of 200 to 800 and more. In short, there is no magical number as the quality will be dependent on various factors.

It is the type of weave used during the manufacturing of the cloth and the quality of the threads that makes all the difference. When it comes to weaving, generally two types are used:

  • Percale: It is a simple one-over-the-other thread weave. It is one of the oldest weave patterns used since ages. It weaved the threads and offered a finished durable fabric.
  • Sateen: This weave pattern is a bit different from Percale. Here you will observe that three vertical weaves are under a horizontal thread then it crosses the thread and a similar pattern is followed throughout the fabric.

Every fabric could have a different thread count range to provide the best quality fabric. Here is the list for better understanding:

  • Cotton: 200-400
  • Egyptian Cotton: 300-400
  • Percale Weave: 200-400
  • Sateen Weave: 300-600
  • Bamboo: 300-500

Note: It is essential to understand that not all materials are measured using thread count. For instance, silk is measured in Momme.

Things to consider when buying bed sheets

Here is the list of things that a buyer should definitely consider for the best bedsheets:

  • Always go for high-grade natural fabrics as they are more comfortable and breathable.
  • Check the workmanship and the style of the bed sheet. If you are into traditional aesthetics then handblock prints are perfect to enhance your bedroom aesthetics.
  • Another important thing to look for is the stitch density and the sewing lines. Make sure the bed sheet has a smooth finish.


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