Jaipuri hand block printing

Jaipuri Hand Block Printing: Mastering the Art of Hand-Crafted Textiles

Hand block printing over different pieces of clothes is an age-old tradition in India. It is done over varieties of fabrics that are further made into suits, sarees, curtains, bedsheets, and many more. What we get as a final product is the result of the hard work of many people who are involved in the process. From designing the required print to crafting it over the wooden block to preparing the right colour are a few steps to count that go into making your favourite hand block bedsheet. Rajasthan as a state has different types of hand block printing like Bagru, Sanganeri, Malir, and more. Many people generalise all these into a single term i.e. Jaipuri Hand block Print. So to get more clarity regarding the different types of hand block print, keep reading!

Different types of Hand Block prints from Rajasthan

This division of hand block prints from a single state is mainly due to the type of printing techniques used and the different colour used. Let's dive into the types for a better understanding:

1. Sanganeri Hand Block Print

It is one of the most famous hand-block prints of Rajasthan, which mainly originated in a village called Sanganer situated in the southern part of Jaipur, Rajasthan. This exquisite printing technique has a history of 5 centuries and still stands strong in the modern markets.

It was during the times when Mughals and Marathas were at war, that many artisans from Gujarat migrated to Rajasthan and founded this amazing craft that still thrives. The beautiful natural colour dyes are used during the printing process and this makes it one of the most exported items by East India Company.

This craft was nourished near Jaipur which had a great influence of the Mughals, that is why we will see designs like Mughal jalis and buttis in the prints. Other than this various floral and nature-inspired patterns are widely used.

2. Bagru

Bagru has an old history that many of you are aware of but one other thing that makes Bagru famous is the craft of hand block printing. It is said that this craft was originated by a Thakur who further decided to make it a centre of hand block printing. Along with him two families known as Chippas from the nearby village started this craft.

Bagru print has dark colour motifs over lighter backgrounds. This helps them to stand out vibrantly. Now as a buyer, you can easily differentiate the two prints. In Bagru, the cloth has either a cream base or a dyed base, while Sanganeri prints generally have a white base. Also, Bagru uses geometric patterns such as kangura (triangle) and leher (waves), whereas Sanganeris only uses floral and leaf motifs.

3. Malir Print

Malir or Barmer print as shown in the picture below mainly uses brown and black colour dyes during printing. This unique property makes it easily distinguishable from the other types of hand-block printing. You will mainly observe beautiful motifs within the square blocks. Those motifs could be floral or geometric patterns.


Hopefully, you would have got a good insight about the variety of hand block prints from Rajasthan. If you are looking for the best Jaipuri hand block printed bedsheets, consider Plarsh Comfort. We are a leading brand offering best grade bedsheets with good thread count. Other than this, to check out the different range of our table runners, bedsheets, diwan sets, visit our website Plarsh.com. We have incorporated the most loved designs of butti, jaal, mughal jalis, floral, into our products.

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