King Size Bed Sheet Dimensions: A Complete Guide

King Size Bed Sheet Dimensions: A Complete Guide

Importance of sleep is no longer a hidden fact. We all know a good day demands a comfortable previous night’s sleep which depends on various factors and one of the most important among them is the type of mattress and the bedsheet you choose. When you select the bedsheet for your bed, it is essential to choose it according to the size of the bed you have. To have a better understanding here I will be sharing a chart that will offer insights about the king size bed sheet dimensions along with various other types available in the market.

Bed Size

Dimensions (inches)

Dimensions (cm)

King Size

108 x 102

274 x 259

Queen Size

90 x 102

229 x 259

Double Bed

81 x 96

206 x 244

Single Bed

66 x 96

168 x 244

Note: These dimensions can vary slightly based on the manufacturer and region, but these are generally accepted standard sizes.

One thing which is is quite interesting is that although the sizes of the bed sheets vary but the pillow cover sizes remain same whether it is a king size bed sheet or a double bed bedsheet

Benefits of King Size Bedsheet

Full Coverage 

One of the best things about King Size Bed Sheets is their full coverage. Even though you have thick mattresses or toppers, these bed sheets are perfect to offer a neat and tidy look. 

More Comfort

Its long dimensions offer better comfort and prevent you from the feeling of crampedness that you would have experienced with the small bed sheets. 

Looks Good 

King-size bed sheets' dimensions allow it to have detailed designs. This will make your bedroom look nicer and more elegant.

Easy to Make 

Making the bed is easier with a king-size sheet because you have more fabric to work with. It's easier to tuck in and stay in place better.

Room for Two

Couples often choose king-size beds for more sleeping space. A king-size sheet ensures both people have enough space. 

Lots of Choices

There are many options for king-size sheets in different materials, thread counts, and colors, so you can find one that suits your taste and matches your bedroom.


If you get a bigger bed later, you can still use your king-size sheets. They can fit a California king bed or be used as a large throw or picnic blanket.

Quick Tip to buy a good bedsheet

When buying a new king size bed sheet,always look at the material it's made from. Cotton is the best option among all. You can go for Egyptian cotton which is the highest grade cotton, it is 100% cotton. The second best is Pima cotton, also called Supima. If you're deciding between Sateen and Percale, both are good, and it depends on your preference. Percale feels crisp and cool, so it's good for hot-sleepers. Sateen is heavier with a smooth, satiny finish.


Hopefully, all the above mentioned information about king size bed sheets will help you in choosing the best bedsheet to decorate your bedroom along with the comfort. Well, if you are searching for a premium cotton king size bed sheet, consider Plarsh Comfort. We are among the leading bed sheet brands offering Jaipuri hand-block printed bedsheets. Our bedsheets bring comfort along with a touch of elegance to your sleeping areas. 

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