Guide to Choosing the Best Bed Sheet Colors For Your Bedroom

Guide to Choosing the Best Bed Sheet Colors For Your Bedroom

Imagine coming back home and feeling the relaxed and soothing vibes. You may believe it or not but colour in your bedroom has a psychological effect on your brain that further reflects in your behaviour. So, it is essential to choose the colour of the bedsheet in your bedroom should be chosen wisely.

If you are wondering how the color of your bed sheet can be a game changer, then keep reading as here we will be covering the topics like the psychology of colors in bedding and how bed sheet colors affect sleep.

Psychology of Colors

A bedroom is a place where you spend a good number of hours of your day, so it needs to be a relaxing place and not one that triggers your emotions. It is where color psychology works and becomes more prominent when wrong colors start affecting your behavior. Some colors will give you a refreshed feeling whereas, some may excite or exhaust your mind.

Let's dive deep into color psychology of bed sheets and understand how it affects human thoughts

Energizing Bed Sheet Colors

Some colors can boost your mood and energy levels. You will observe that colors like red, yellow, and orange will make you feel motivated and optimistic. So, they may not be the best for relaxation and should be avoided in the bedroom. At the same time, you may go for the light hues of these colors.

Soothing Bed Sheet Colors

To create a calming atmosphere, you may choose colors like green, blue, and purple. These colors have a soothing effect on your mind, thus promoting peace and decreasing stress levels and blood pressure.

Neutral Bed Sheet Colors

For a simple and aesthetic look, opting for neutral colors like white, beige, and grey would be perfect. These colors create a subtle ambiance and a calm vibe in your bedroom. Another benefit of going for these colors is that they can easily be matched with other decor elements.

Best Bed Sheet colors For Sleep Quality

Yes, it might sound weird, but it is true that the bed sheet color affects your sleep quality. Here is a list of a few bed sheet colors for peaceful sleep.

Light Blue: Sleep Inducer

If you are in search of a color that will help you sleep better, then it is definitely a lighter hue of blue. It's great for both adults and kids. Blue has calming properties that help in falling asleep faster.

Green Serenity

Green is a color that is abundantly available in nature, holding the secret to better sleep quality. This calming bed sheet color brings a sense of balance and harmony to your bedroom, making it feel more peaceful. Surrounding yourself with soft green hues can create a relaxing environment that reduces stress and anxiety.

The World Of Pastels

Lavender and pale pink are examples of soothing, soft, pastel colors that can transform your bedroom into a calm retreat. Lavender, known for its exceptional calming effects, has been used as a natural sleep aid for ages.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned details will help you in choosing the best bed sheet colour. Well, if you are searching for a premium cotton bedsheet with pastel or soothing colours, consider Plarsh Comfort. We are among the leading bed sheet brands offering Jaipuri hand-block printed bedsheets. You will get beautiful traditional prints that are mostly inspired by nature and traditions of India. Other than bed sheets, you can also check out our table runner and diwan set collection.

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